The Frankish Camper


After deciding to purchase our first Pop Up Camper for our family of 4, we initially thought of buying a brand new Jayco which would have been around $30,000. We couldn’t justify that price so we started looking online for a older model around our area and found a person selling an ’85’ Viscount model on EBay. We inspected it and made an offer which was accepted. We were now pop up camper owners!

Since we decided we wanted some sort of pop up camper Daneve joined a few Facebook groups for research and inspiration. The main group where we have had lots of help and inspiration from is “Jayco Camper Reno Queens Australia”. This group is for people interested in doing up older campers or even caravans. Another place Daneve has found inspiration from is of course Pinterest and that’s where she found the lovely Larissa from The Pop Up Princess.
When planning out what we want to achieve with our Camper we had to consider our small budget, so we have managed to update a few things to start with before our first trip. The chair covers were still in great condition so we decided to match everything around them as our base.
At present we have done:
  • Prepped and painted walls, ceiling and cabinets/draws (Paint from Bunnings Australia)
  • Replace 2 hinges, which were found on Caravan Plus and had to replace one cabinet latch which we found on eBay.
  • Daneve made curtains, tie backs and skirt trim around top plus bed ends (Spotlight). She actually bought block out curtains from Kmart Australia and made 2 smaller ones from 1 large one.
  • We have cleaned and added new Vinyl stick on planks to the floor. (Bunnings)
  • We have added 2 towel rails to each bed ends. (Bunnings)
  • The new tow bar was installed to our car to level out the trailer and a Redarc TowPro electric brake system was also installed to make sure it was safe to drive.
 What we still want to do down the track:
  • Take out gas oven and replace with microwave / hot plate
  • Replace bench top and table top
  • Change sink
  • Refresh painting on the outside of Camper
  • Add shelving in and out of Camper. Daneve has been seeing some great inspiration on Pinterest!
We are really happy how she has turned out so far and look forward to making some wonderful Endless Aussie Adventures and making great memories for our two young kids.

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