Hot Day = Time For Ice-Cream


It was a really hot day yesterday here in Brisbane, so we took the kids for an ice cream treat to one of the lovely Mister Fitz’s Ice-cream parlours as we had some vouchers gifted to us.


Mister Fitz is a traditional ice cream parlour specialising in hand-made, original recipe ice cream and ice cream sandwiches. Intent on returning ice cream to the way it used to be made, Mister Fitz employs the same small-batch mentality used in the kitchen all those years ago.


There are 3 store locations HERE in Brisbane at Fortitude Valley, East Brisbane and Southbank. We decided to visit the one at East Brisbane which also has Doughnut Time connected which is a added bonus for the sweet tooth’s out there.

It was a nice feeling stepping into the old school themed Ice-Cream Parlour. The kids were so excited to have and choose some ice-cream on this hot day as it was a nice treat for them.

This is the one my son picked which is called the ‘Cookie Monster’ and I chose ‘Red Velvet’ Ice cream.

Tahlin waiting patiently while Mummy & Daddy took some photos!

Tahlin finally enjoyed his ice cream sandwich and in his words in the car on the way home “they were sickly AWESOME!! can we have them every weekend”.

Zahladee tried to finish every little bit off.

We all enjoyed a rare treat out and it was worth getting stuck in a Queensland storm on the way home.

Next time we have a special treat we will call it Doughnut Time!!


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