Our first Camper getaway!


The Frankish family was ready to take their first trip away and we decided to go to Hosanna Farmstay which is located in Stokers Siding, Northern NSW.

We packed our gear which was surprisingly nice compared to pre-camper days of shoehorning everything into and on top of the car. Tahlin had the day off school and we put Zahladee in daycare for a half day to give us that time to organise everything.

We hooked up our camper and set off on Friday afternoon along with snacks, books and things to occupy the kids in the back. Even though it was only an hour and a half drive, as many travelling parents know, the unpredictability of how your children travel makes you prepare for the worst!

Fortunately our kids travelled well for that time, it was more nervous for us making sure we drove safely with our camper for the first time. Our Mazda CX5 pulled the camper without any trouble but as expected fuel consumption was a little higher than usual.

We pulled into the driveway and the weather decided to turn a little wet much to the delight of Daneve who got out of the car to check in!
Luckily it was a passing shower and we had a dry set up on our powered site. Our site was close to the main building, creek, toilets and animal enclosures so it was a great central spot.

Hosanna has a variety of accommodation types that cater for everybody. Whether it’s a unpowered site or powered site, a creek hut or cabins.

After everything was set up we fired up the free to use campfire hobs which cooked our pizzas which ended up cooking all of our meals for each night. Wood was available to purchase from reception but you are able to bring your own if you like.

Breaky was inside due to our first morning being a little wet. We had set up our 3×3 Oztrail marquee and a tarp wall the day before so everything was relatively dry.

We had a look around the Farmstay, but it didn’t take long before we made our way to the animals. There are many animals to look at and pat which was a highlight for our family. We always made time to go and see them, whether it was milking the cows in the morning, playing with the rabbits and guinea pigs, feeding the massive pigs our food scraps or just patting the goats and horses.

We had a visit from Daneve’s parents for lunch and showed them around the place. We timed our walk to see the circus lesson activity for the kids. It was located in the communal hall. We had a good walk around the place that day and realised that in the summer months this place would be great for the water activities. There are plenty of rope swings along the creek and the lake has a swimming pontoon along with a high diving board.

Our nights consisted mostly of board games, tv, sitting around the campfire with marshmallows, a few drinks for Mummy and Daddy and reading books. Tahlin and Daddy were going to go see the glow worm tunnel, but we ended up not going due to weather and tiredness. It’s quite a walk apparently!

The Farmstay was fairly quiet over the time we were there and most people were only there for the Friday and Saturday nights. This was great for us as Tahlin & Daddy discovered the canoes and kayaks and had the lake to ourselves for the last couple of days for some paddling fun.

We took a couple of road trips during our time there, we went to the beach at Pottsville had a play in a playground and got our feet sandy. We also just drove around and explored the countryside. We took some family photos on an abandoned railway and the town sign. We also ended up finding a nice picturesque park (Dallis Park) were we took some pics and found some free firewood.

Overall we had a fantastic time for our first trip away with our pop up camper and we would recommend Hosanna Farmstay to anyone who wants to relax and spend time with animals. There’s plenty of things to do to keep the kids occupied, but the main thing with going camping is seeing your kids interact with other kids staying there. It’s a great way to get the kids playing outside and being social with other people they meet. I would say that the creek and lake is the only thing where smaller kids would need to be fully supervised at all times but other than that we found Hosanna Farmstay a great place to visit and we will definitely be back.


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