Adult Christmas Advent Calendar


Ladies, are you looking for a perfect Pre-Christmas gift for your other half or as a thank you gift for being such a wonderful Insta husband/partner for taking all those photos for you hehehe.

Well this Beer Advent Calendar by Beer Cartel is a great way for them to count down the days to Christmas and explore new and exciting beers, as well as re-kindle your love with a few old favourites!

At Beer Cartel they believe there is simply too little time to waste on poor beer – their founding philosophy is to put good beer in the hands of consumers, allowing people to enjoy quality craft beer sourced from across the world.

“This Beer Cartel Beer Advent Calendar features:

– 25 beers in total, including one to have ON Christmas day!

– The calendar has a perforated insert on top of the beers. Each day a number can be easily removed, revealing a new beer underneath.

Expect to find hand-picked craft beers from leading Australian & International breweries. Explore locally crafted beers, as well as some from world class brewing countries like Belgium, Germany and the USA.

– 25 individual beers from 25 individual breweries, not just a selection from a couple of breweries.

– Range of styles – from Pale Ales and Amber Ales to Golden Ales, Pilsners and Double IPA’s + more!

– Range of bottle/can sizes – from 330ml to 500ml

– Includes beers which ranked highly in Australia’s Hottest 100 Craft Beer poll ”

I love this Beer Cartels little poem that came with it.

Advent Calendar Poem

‘Twas the start of December,
Christmas was starting to come near.
The twinkling lights in the neighbourhood,
Were beginning to appear.

The weather was warm,
Cricket was on the TV.
As construction began,
Of our epic Christmas tree.

The presents were bought,
The decorations were hung.
The wrapping had started,
While carols were sung.

To add to the magic,
Came an advent calendar by post.
A new beer for each day,
And to have with the roast.

25 beers of absolute magic,
Handpicked just for you.
Across a range of great styles,
It was almost too good to be true.

So get your advent calendar now,
And enjoy a tasty IPA.
As the countdown begins,
To another Christmas Day!

My husband Darren was like a little excited kid when this arrived for him and said he is looking forward to rating all the different beers he hasn’t tried before. This would also be great to buy for yourself to enjoying to the lead up to Christmas Day. It will be like we have 3 kids in this house excited about opening their Christmas Advent Calendars this year.

Thank You Beer Cartel for sending these for Darren to try, it is a perfect gift for any beer lover out there.

To order one pop over HERE.



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