Kmart Hack – Vertical Grazing Pegboard

Tis the season for entertaining so I thought I would try this out which popped into my head, by creating a vertical grazing pegboard.


What I did:

  • First thing I did is placed it on my art easel and made sure it was tightly connected.
  • I added double sided tape to each wooden shelves.
  • I then put the diamante ribbon onto the double side tape section. (you could add any ribbon to this)
  • I added sheets of baking paper to each of the shelves to protect them.
  • To connect the grapes I tied a piece of ribbon through 2 holes and used a little metal hook that hooked through the bunch of grapes and connected it onto the ribbon. Then I added to pretty grey ribbon to the top of the bunch.
  • I threaded some of my neighbours lovely Rosemary through sections of the holes.
  • I made extra dowels which I got from Bunnings to place the doughnuts on and if I needed to add more there would of been more space for it.
  • Then I places all the yummies onto the rest of the shelves.

I had a lot of fun doing this and I could of added more yummy doughnut treats to it if I had a larger group to cater for.

Kmart Pegboard with Wooden Shelves – $29.00

If you have a Kmart pegboard like this I highly recommend making sure it is strongly connect to the wall or use a strong art easel like I have here.

Woodland Scene Cut Outs – Set of 5 – $4.00 (in store only)

The Kmart woodland cutout decors were exactly what I needed for this.

 If anyone else does something like this please tag me as I would love to see your creation too.

I hope I given you some inspiration through this one.

xox Daneve


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