Pop Planner Giveaway Time

I recently put a call out about suggestions for 2017 Planners over on my Instagram account and I was asked to share which one I went with. I am happy to say I have gone with a Pop Planner for 2017 and wanted to share more about this new Planner.
Can’t wait to get my 2017 planning on.

The ladies behind this fun planner are Lara Walsh & Janina Lear which are two super busy women juggling businesses, family, friendships and just life in general.

Every year at this time they would get excited about finding next years planner, but nothing ever met their expectations – not enough pages, too many pages, wrong size, wrong format, you name it! So they decided to create our own.

So that is why the Pop Planner was created!! The Pop Planner is a creative yet practical way for busy women to stay organised. It is such a fun planner and has everything I was after. It will quite literally – help you Plan Organise and Prioritise your busy life!


They have also decided to change things up and have the POP planner in landscape. Controversial!  They know. It actually makes way more sense and is practical and easy to get accustomed to.

The POP Planner really is all you need to keep on top of the craziness of your life. In one place you can store all your appointments, important dates, plan daily, weekly and/or monthly. Plan your meals, health goals, your big dream vacation, fun weekends away with your besties. As well as setting important yearly goals and future visions



Inside the POP Planner you will find

  • Yearly Goals broken down into achievable steps
  • Monthly overview for planning
  • Weekly Layout that allows for daily planning from 7am to 7pm
  • Weekly and Monthly Personal and Work To Do Lists
  • Health and Wellness Goals to make changes and track progress
  • 30 day Game changer each month to track a goal/habit/challenge
  • Holiday Escape Planner #makeithappen
  • Plan other overnight/weeknight adventures
  • Vision Board – #blankspace to draw/paste your dreams and visions
  • Expense Tracker/Savings Goals
  • Public and School Holidays
  • Christmas Double Page Planner. One place to keep track of who to buy for/what to buy/menu planning/theme/fun ideas of festivities to do with friends and family
  • 2018 forward date planner – somewhere to start putting next years important dates, subscriptions ending etc

You can order your own HERE

Also if you would like to stay in the loop for next years pre order date they can sign up to our mailing list HERE

The ladies behind the wonderful Pop Planner have told me that there is only a number of them left for 2017, so if you would like one you will have to be quick.
But I have been lucky enough to have been sent an extra one to give away, so if you would like to win one of these great planners you can enter below by clicking on the link.

Get Inspired & Share- Pop Planner Giveaway

Good Luck to all, the one lucky winner will love this planner!!

xox Daneve


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