Small Business – The Gift Kit Co


Before Christmas I was sent one of these wonderful gift packs from The Gift Kit Co. It was so lovely to receive for myself to enjoy. It was what I needed to have some mummy time and to have some time out on my own. The Gift Kit Co creates care packages full of happiness, beauty and love. These are perfect to give as a gift especially to send someone in hospital or someone needing cheering up and time out to relax. I wanted to learn more about how this great small business began and who was behind it. So I have asked Anneliese & Alison the lovely ladies who run The Gift Kit Co a few questions.

Business name:  The Gift Kit Co.

 Tell me about how your business came about?  

The Gift Kit Co. has evolved naturally overtime, almost by osmosis. In fact, when we look back, the writing was on the wall from day one. Almost from the moment we met, ideas started bouncing around whilst we watched our children play together. There were many discussions and great ideas, sometimes over a cheeky glass of champagne, but almost certainly, a good cup of tea. We are passionate about our tea!

When Anneliese’s sister went into hospital unexpectedly while she was pregnant with her second child. Being on opposite sides of the country, Anneliese felt helpless and really wanted to be there. She tried to find a service that would package up some mags and chocolates and other bits and pieces that she could have delivered to her sister in hospital by the next day. But she couldn’t find anything!  Alison realized there was a gap in the market and so The Gift Kit Co. began.  

Tell us a bit about yourselves?  

Both Anneliese and Alison come from administrative backgrounds working in Government. We have over 40 years working experience between the two of us. We both have families which are the most important thing to us and adore our husbands who are forever supportive and present.

What do you sell or service do you offer? 

We make showing someone you care easy and affordable.  The Gift Kit Co.’s philosophy is simple. Every day there is a different Kit on offer. No scrolling through hundreds of different gift baskets or hampers or sending a bunch of flowers (yet again). It’s an affordable, fuss free option for when you just want to say “I’m thinking of you” or “I wish I could be there” or a simple “thank you”.


Where are you located?

On the Northside of Brisbane, but we ship Australia wide. 

How long have you been in business? 

We officially launched on the 5th of December with this business.

 Do you make custom orders? 

We can definitely do custom orders.  We love them. 

 What do you love most about having your own business? 

The flexibility to be there for our Children. The dynamic nature of being able to make decisions on the hop knowing that is what is needed to stay current and on-trend.

Do you have anyone else that work for you? 

Not yet – well except our husbands. 

 What are 3 other small businesses do you love and support?

  1. Our website was designed by Emma Troy Designs who is very talented, approachable and easy to work with.
  2. We also love supporting any small businesses who can provide us with products for our kits. It’s very important to us to have Australian designed and crafted inclusions in our kits.
  3. Ice Block Holders – – It is another small business Anneliese runs selling neoprene really fun and funky ice block holders and wine/drink bottle carriers.

Do you have any tips for other small businesses?

Be reasonable with your cash flow in the beginning. Start with smaller ideas which you can build on as your business develops. Don’t over extend yourself where you can’t sleep at night. Be open and honest with your partner and suppliers. Don’t be afraid to try different strategies, you never know what is going to work!

What else do you do?

You mean besides cooking, cleaning, taking kids to extra-curricular activities after school, grocery shopping – haha!

 Where can we buy your products from? 

Directly through our website.

Where can people find you online (Instagram,Facebook,Twitter) ? 

Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. 

Name 3 of your favorite Instagram Accounts you love to follow?

Nectar and Stone – maison du mode and get_inspired_share obviously J

What camera do you use to take your beautiful images with? 

We both have SLRs, but we tend to use our smartphones.   

What are your favourite photo apps you use?

We love Afterlight and Snapseed. 

 Do you have any great special on at the moment?

Our Gift Kits are always a fabulous affordable price, so we have a special on constantly!

Do you have anything else you would like to share about yourself or your business?

We really want people to embrace our kits as care packages for either themselves or to send some love to another person. Mental health issues continue to grow and impact our society. It’s easy to get wrapped up in our busy lives, but we would like people to step back and take a deep breath and just take some time for themselves or time out to think about a loved one.  One small gesture can mean so much to someone who can’t see the way forward at that time.


It was lovely to get to know the thoughts behind this small business The Gift Kit Co and the ladies behind it. I think these are a perfect little gift kits to send or receive. These businesses are the type of ones to remember and support when needing to give or receive something special.

xoxo Daneve



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