About Us

blogdaneveDaneve Frankish

There are many words that can describe my personality…creative, adventurous, fun, go getter, passionate, crafty, ideas women…this list could possibly go for a while!
I try to live life to the fullest and get the most out of everything that I put my mind to, whether it’s organising a birthday party for my kids, creating something special for our home or simply doing something special for my friends and family.

mel-borderMelanie Byers

Aka “Best Friend Ever”, Mel will join the blog when she has time or when I can give her arm a good twist!!

In a previous life, Melanie threw the obligatory hat in the air on graduating with a degree in Communications, packed her bags and spent 15 years working for the film and television industry in London and Australia.  In 2009 Melanie left her role as a VFX Producer and embarked on a new journey as both a mother and writer. Today she has 3 children, a passion for writing and a love for gathering and creating memories with her family – especially while her kids are so young.

darren-borderDarren Frankish

Hubby of Daneve, Darren is also a very creative person who has been working in the Graphic Design and Photography industry for 20 years. He will always have a camera close by to capture that special moment, which can be a burden due to the thousands of photos to sort through!!